Derek Ventling

Creativity is about applied intelligence, plumbed emotions, risk and discovery. For people as well as companies, achieving a relevant, authentic existence is a constant conscious pursuit. It’s not easy defining where you’re going – and every day offers fresh revelations. As a world citizen who has adapted to new cultures several times, I am attuned to subtle undercurrents and am fascinated by how we construct meaning from observations and interactions. Insights from these different perspectives have shaped and sharpened my creativity and my way of thinking. A creativity that has helped businesses develop communicative clarity, and a creativity that has helped students define their unique place in the world.

Apart from bridging continents, I have held leading positions in both advertising and design agencies. More than most, I understand their differences and commonalities, and am able to synthesise both of these cultures to weave a compelling narrative and texture for my clients’ communication.

I am a passionate teacher, and I have always been fascinated by the process of bridging and balancing the poetic and the cerebral. Creative exploration seemingly goes against the grain of any curriculum, so fostering inquisitive, lateral thinkers is an amazing challenge. And I believe we all have an obligation to shine a light for the next generation.

I hold an MSc in Zoology from the University of Zurich, a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching from the University of Auckland, and a Doctor of Philosophy from AUT University. I have three passports and speak several languages. I love everything I do, and am constantly seeking new challenges on the horizon. Most of all, I enjoy forging relationships with interesting people from all walks of life. Wherever in the world I might currently be, I am only one click away:


Derek Ventling


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