Derek Ventling

Throughout my career, I have always been interested how creativity works, how we are inspired and what makes new ideas surface.

My creative arts Doctorate contemplated the metaphysical notion of light. From the perspective of a contemporary practitioner, it revisited Bonaventure’s 13th Century theory of light as a connective agency and an activating principle along the path of creative endeavour. As both the embodied observer and the observed, I experientially considered the dynamic relationship between making, light and my conscious self. I was particularly interested in exploring the threshold between metaphorical and visible light, the real and the imaginary, the seen and the unseen. Immersed in material assemblages I captured fleeting moments photographically. These images were re-orchestrated as sequenced projections within a series of installations. Thus, through their own embodied experience, installation viewers were invited to contemplate light, and how it may be much more than a utilitarian application.

The aim of this research was to heighten our creative consciousness by inviting a discourse on the potential of light. If, according to medieval theory, light is indeed providence and catalyst, it may be the mediator that transcends the boundaries of our space and being, engendering a transformational influence on our cognitive journey.

The full thesis can be downloaded here:

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